Friday, February 27, 2009

A Review and a Giveaway: Stress Eater Diet

**Giveaway now closed.**

I had an opportunity to review the book Stress Eater Diet. I was interested to take a look at it as I thought it sounded like something that just might apply to me!

First I took the Stress Eater Quiz and confirmed that I am indeed a Stress Eater - an extreme one even (not really surprising to me)!

You might want to take a minute to take the quiz yourself at and see what the results say about you.

This book was easy to read and had all the information I needed. I really appreciate it when a diet book keeps things simple - if the explanation of the how and why is too long and complicated, I just skip to the meal plans/recipes! I did read the whole book this time. A lot of information was a repeat to me after having read several diet books and many articles on health. But I was still surprised by a few new facts!

Here are some new things I learned:
~ According to the book, carbonated beverages should be avoided during stress as they have "high levels of carbon dioxide. Stress causes an accumulation of carbon dioxide and lactates, resulting in a condition called acidosis that weakens the body and the immune system..."

~ "Alcohol can slow the process by which your body burns fat for about 24 hours after you drink it."

~ Low-fat versions of food aren't necessarily better, example: "2 TBSP Reduced Fat Peanut Butter = 187 calories vs. 2 TBSP regular PB = 191", "1/2 C Light Ice Cream = 111 calories vs. 1/2 C Regular Ice Cream = 130"

Overall, I liked the book and will try incorporating some ideas from the 4-week eating and exercising plan. I would have liked to see more ideas for the meal plan. A detailed 7-day week 1 meal plan is included in the book and then you just add on carbs or fruits in the other weeks, but detailed menus for the other weeks would have been helpful. However, anybody who has done any kind of diet before can figure out what foods to have, how to substitute, etc.

You can get more information from the authors' website. And if you're interested in buying the book from Amazon, click here. Also, you can see what other blogs are saying about the book.

Does it sound interesting to you? Well, I have an extra copy to give away! Leave me a comment telling me what you usually eat (or crave) when you're stressed. I'll randomly draw a name from the comments. The drawing will end on Monday night 3/2 and I'll announce the winner on Tuesday 3/3! Make sure to leave me your contact info.

Have a stress-free day!

Lisa :)


  1. Hmm...I"ll usually grab something salty and pair it with something sweet (ie, pretzels and peanut butter.)

  2. Ooh...raw cookie dough. I love warm, fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies, but I usually eat a lot of the dough before.

  3. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate - and specifically Ghiradelli brownies. :)

  4. At work I pop Hershey's kisses when I get stressed or aggitated. I'll also eat anything crunch and salty. I am a textbook stress eater, and usually don't notice until I'm done.

  5. Chocolate is definitely my downfall...way more than I would like to admit! Stress is a big part of the reason I don't eat better. Some days it just seems like one more thing you have to worry about. KWIM?

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I would love to win!

  6. Chocolate is wonderful and if you are in need of a low calorie muffin vita muffins are for you the chocolate ones are wonderful. They are only 1 point on the WW diet. Always have to watch those calories. Love to eat LOL


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