Friday, February 20, 2009

Fitness Friday - On My Weigh Down :)

I am happy to link up to Fitness Friday this week! Stop by Wii Fit Mommies for Fitness Friday to see how other moms are doing and the announcement about Wii Fit olympics! Sounds like a lot of fun though I am a Wii Fit beginner. Guess I will just have to train hard this week - LOL!

OK - results for this week. I am down .5 lb this week! Yay! I know it doesn't sound much to some of you, but with my struggles, any weight lost involves a happy dance! And I do know why it was only that much. I only did Wii Fit once during this past week. Just got busy - I need to make sure that I am making time for it. Also, I only did so-so with keeping track of my WW points. What got me off track was that darn clearance Valentine candy! I have no will power over super-cheap prices for chocolate! I will get back on track this week!

I have developed a bit of a routine on the Wii Fit for now: I start with a long run or an island lap for a warm up, then a couple of balance games, advanced step, boxing, and hula hoops. If I have enough time, I move on to strength training and then finish with a couple of yoga poses. Do you have a routine? I am open to any suggestions!

How was your week? Any struggles? Good news to report? However it went, we are starting a new week and we CAN be successful this week!

Have a blessed weekend!

Lisa :)


  1. I've written my routine before, but here it is again. Start with some aerobics, then a full line of yoga and it's corresponding strength training. Then back to aerobics and finish up with some fun balance games. I'm going to try to work from 30 min to 45 this next week and try to get all the yoga in and more aerobics.
    Way to go with the 0.5 lbs. It's better than nothing!

  2. I dont necessarily have a routine, but I really enjoy doing the hoola hoop and boxing everytime. This week I found if I didnt have a lot of time, but found I was watching some tv then I put on the free step and was able to watch my shows during that time...or like tonight while the kids watched a movie. I also added weights tonight while I did it and that really pumped up the heartrate! I am right with you with the candy...I broke into my sons candy hearts! I was able to walk past the chocolates today, but was tempted to get some at 75% off! I was just telling my sister that i did really good my first month and this month has been harder food wise...I think my thing is that the first month I didnt want as much at meal times or late night because I was doing the 100cal or less snack in between and I havent dont that the last couple I am gonna try that again...and if I want a candy or chocalate...limit it to 1piece. Congrats on your loss!

  3. I agree that a half pound is a half pound and you should take what you get! I was down .5 too.

    Congrats on your Wii Fit! I don't have a routine and have to admit that my use is pretty spotty. I did do a half hour yesterday and was happy to see I was down 3lb from the last time I used it! I do find that I use the aerobics the most then the balance games. I don't really use the yoga and strenth training much. I enjoy the boxing and boy do I usually feel it in my arms!!

    Keep up the great work and when you find your routine don't forget to share!!

  4. Uh, YEAH! Being down .5 is AWESOME! You kick butt girl (pun INTENDED!) and we're happy to have you on board (OMG Another pun!) Dude. What is the matter with me today lol...


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