Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good Tips on Being Healthy

My friend Kim at Homesteaders Heart is doing a series on getting healthy and losing weight. I am working on implementing some of her tips. I thought I would share with you - you might find something helpful!

You can look at her 3rd article and it has links to the other 2. Thanks Kim!

Because of her, I am determined to get back to exercising starting next week. We'll see what happens!

I will weigh in tomorrow, but I am afraid that the news will be bad. Stop back to find out!

Have a great Thursday!

Lisa :)


  1. I have a club membership for 9 bucks a month and I can go 24 hours a day except on weekends, I love the place.

  2. I am going to weigh in once a month. I have my weight loss ticker at the bottom of my blog to keep track. I don't expect big changes each month but as long as it's something.
    Hugs my friend. Keep up the good work. Know that I'm right there with you.


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