Friday, January 15, 2010

Help Vote For Mamavation Moms

Mamavation is a great place to find some more motivation and inspiration for weight loss and getting fit and healthy.  Every session, they sponsor 2 moms to be the official Mamavation Moms.  Those ladies are given team support, nutritional and fitness plans, and much more.  They have to post about their progress during the 7 weeks and help inspire others.

My friend Katie from Frugal Femina made it to the Top 5 Finalists to be a Mamavation Mom!  She has already been encouraging and inspiring me on twitter in my efforts to be healthier.  I just love her - she's sweet and a little sassy!  She really wants to make it to the Top 2!  I am helping support her and voting daily for her.

Would you consider helping by voting at Mamavation?  You can look at the videos of all 5 finalists there.  You can get to know Katie over at Frugal Femina.  I'll even give you the link to her Mamavation post where she shared all her measurements.  Brave, I tell ya!

I know you'll love Frugal Femina (@FrugalFemina on twitter) and you can vote for her every day through the 21st.  Thanks for your help!  And look around over at Mamavation and Bookie Boo - more healthy resources for you.

Thanks friends!

Have a healthy Friday!
Lisa  :)

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  1. Thanks for voting, y'all! I'm so glad to have made it to the final 2. :-)g


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