Saturday, January 9, 2010

10 in 2010 ~ Week 2

Finished my first week of the 10 in 2010 challenge and starting the second!  You can read about my goals and plans here if you missed them. 

My Dad came to visit this past week (he left today) and that is always a bad thing for me weight-wise.  When Dad and I are together, we seem to be a bad influence on each other!  We both have a huge sweet tooth and like afternoon snacks.  And when he comes to visit - of course we want to stop at all his favorite restaurants or try a new one that he might like!  So we did all that as usual, but because of 10in10 I made better food choices, drank 3 glasses of water a day and we exercised together by walking laps in the mall 3 days in a row.

I went to Weight Watchers this morning and weighed in.  Now here comes the bad news - I hadn't weighed in since right before Christmas and I gained 2 lbs since then.  :(  BUT - the good news is that I weighed myself last Saturday and my weight today is .2 lbs down from that!!  That's not much, but it's amazing considering that I usually gain 3-5 pounds during Dad's visits.  Woo Hoo!  So my 1st week of 10in10 is technically a .2 lb loss - a small start, but a good start for me.

Here's how I did on my plans:

Weigh in at WW:  I did it, but did not stay for the meeting which I need to do.
Track all food:  I tracked about half the week.  With all the eating out it was getting difficult.
3 45-min exercise sessions:  Did Wii Fit Plus 2 days and walked laps in mall 3 days - yay!
Bed by 11pm on weeknights:  Only a couple times.  I need to work on this!
Drink 3 glasses water per day:  I did!  That is a SHOCK!!
Plan meals each week:  Planned a little which is why 2 of the meals I cooked for Dad were WW recipes (which he liked)!  I'm working on this week's meals now.

I am happy about the results!  I'm really looking forward to what can happen this week since we don't have company!  We do have 1 meal out this week and I will attempt to make some good choices then.

How was your week?  Are you working toward your healthy goals?  If you had a tough week, stop worrying about it and start fresh right now!  We can do this!!

To read more 10in10 posts, go over to Recipe Girl and be encouraged!

Have a healthy weekend!

Lisa  :)


  1. Only 2 pounds since Christmas - not too bad! You don't want to know how much I gained - once I came back to reality!

    This was a good week though - I weigh in on Monday and I'm hoping for some good numbers! We can do this - really we can!

  2. :) You and I have similar Goals! I did really good at going to bed on time this week, but I totally did not get any exercise in... but I didn't gain any weight, so I guess I'm doing better than nothing! :)

  3. Great name for your blog! LOL!

    good luck!

    I need to get to bed earlier and up earlier too.

  4. Good luck with everything! Going to bed early is really, really hard for me, but it's one of my goals in this challenge so I can get up earlier and work out earlier.


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