Friday, October 17, 2008

Fat Ticker Friday - Week 6

Well at least I didn't gain again. No change this week! I so wanted to lose that gain. I did get sick and was down about 2 lbs midweek, but started feeling better and obviously didn't try too hard.

It is very frustrating, but I refuse to give up! At this point, I will just set my sights on that 5 lb badge and keep working. Once I get that, I'll try for another 5. This is going to be really s.l.o.w. weight loss.

Christie at Baby Tea Leaves asked us to talk about our most favorite and least favorite body parts. It's hard for me to choose just one body part to work on right now!

I have always wanted toned legs though. I have lots of cellulite (yuck!) and had it even when I was a lot thinner. I have always admired other women's toned legs - no matter the size! Bigger legs still look great when they're firm and toned. To fix that requires many many squats, calf raises and things like that. I do think that running would be a great help, too.

My favorite body part would be my head or face, I suppose. I'm happy with my chin, nose, and eyes and I can usually manage to make my hair look semi-good! From the neck up - I'm OK with myself though I like my face better with less weight.

How did your week go? I hope to have a much better week this next week. Still gonna try to lose that gain.

Lisa :)


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