Tuesday, March 23, 2010

4 to 40 ~ Week 1

Well I completed the first week of my own 4 weeks to 40 challenge!  I didn't quite have my mind ready for it and was still transitioning from the goals of my previous 10 week challenge, so I didn't do very well as far as my goals.  But I did lose weight!

I weighed in at WW and lost 1.2 lbs for the week!!  Yay!!  That's a good start for my 4 weeks - I just need to keep it up!

Here's how my week went:

1.  Lose 5 lbs. - Lost 1.2 lbs so far!
2.  Exercise 4x/week for 30+ min.  - only 3: 40 min. walking, 50 min. walking, 30 min. Wii Fit
3.  Drink 4 (12 oz) glasses water/day. - Most days 3/day, did 4/day once.
4.  Go to bed @ 11:30pm on weekdays. - Still didn't do - ugh!
5.  Make 2 breakfast & 2 lunch recipes/week. - Didn't do yet; have some planned for this week.

So you can see I need to do better this week!  So far, this week is going OK - I need to keep my focus!

Did you come up with a challenge for the 4 weeks?  How did you do last week?  Remember, you can start fresh this week!  Share your struggles and successes in the comments!

Thanks for following along with me as I attempt to be a little healthier and lose weight along the way!

Have a healthy day!
Lisa  :)


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