Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 in 2010 ~ Week 6

I'm very behind in posting my update, but here it is!  Finished week 5 of the challenge and began Week 6.

I really didn't follow my plans much this past week, but had a loss in spite of myself!  I lost .4 lbs again for the week.  A small loss, but surprising considering how many Nutella Biscotti (it's on my other blog but I'm not giving you the link - don't want to tempt you - LOL) I ate, though I tried to make them healthier with wheat flour and coconut oil.  So yay for the loss and I hope to do better this week! 

Here's my week:

Weigh in at WW:  Weighed in, but couldn't stay for meeting.
Track all food:  Didn't even track some of the days.
3 45-min exercise sessions:  No workouts at all.  :(
Bed by 11pm on weeknights:  Maybe once or twice.
Drink 3 glasses water per day:  At most, only 1 glass of water on some days.
Plan meals each week:  Had good healthy dinners except for pizza Friday night, but I only ate 1 piece!

We are halfway through the challenge.  My original goal was to lose 15 lbs during this challenge.  At the halfway point, I'm only down 3.8 lbs.  At this rate, I would have about an 8 lb loss by the end of 10 weeks.  Not bad for me, but I would at least like to hit 10 lbs.  I know it can be done, but I need to keep my focus and not get discouraged!

I know I'll do better with my plans this week, but I ate too much this weekend with a church potluck and Super Bowl snacks.  I better go drink a glass of water and do a workout right now!

How did your week go?  Did you survive the Super Bowl snacking?  We can get right back on track this week though.  Start now so we can be strong for Valentine's Day!

Have a healthy day!
Lisa  :)


  1. A few questions:

    If you are not drinking water, what are your drinking? I'm worried about you not getting enough fluid. Water, although so hard to drink in the winter, helps with weight loss - think of it washing out the inside!

    Also - WHY ARE YOU NOT STAYING FOR THE MEETING? I love my meetings. Even though I'm lifetime I still go every week! I learn so much and get such great ideas

    Ok... that's all... you can ignore me if you want :-)

  2. Thanks for keeping on me Kristal!! I need it! :)

    I drink lattes, iced tea, lemonade and other things but not enough without the water. Has been hard as I also went "off" diet sodas at the same time and keep looking for a substitute. Just downed a glass of water now!

    I do love the meetings! Saturday mornings have been hard lately as I have been trying to take care of things with family before going which makes me late and had another engagement last week to get to. I don't want to change mornings though as it keeps me in control on Friday nights and I LOVE the meeting leader on Saturdays! I will make a bigger effort to make it this Saturday!

  3. Great job on the steady weight loss! I do WW too, the past two weeks have not been good tracking. Super Bowl gets me everytime, I try to make up with extra workouts!

  4. Hi Lisa. I commend you on your diligent efforts for weight loss. I have struggled with my weight being up and down and it drives me crazy! I am excited to share with you that I am doing a 30 (or probably 40) day juice fast. There are soooo many benefits to this and it is the best thing you can do for your body. I always say if you want dramatic results, you have to do something dramatic.

    Some people do not think fasting is healthy but honestly, it is extremely healthy and healing too. The 30 days go by very fast. I am just finishing day 18 and have lost about 15 pounds. It is not hard as most people fear it would be.

    If you want to know any other details, I would be happy to share with you. If this is not for you, then just keep going with what you are doing. You have some wonderful goals and plans and have a great attitude. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. I love both of your blogs. :)


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