Thursday, July 30, 2009

So I Made The Vacation Weight Gain Official

I did it. I finally got my behind to WW to officially weigh in and get that gain down on paper and in a computer so I can't hide from it! I hadn't weighed in since early July, and it took me a full week after getting back from our trip to force myself to go in there. I'm gonna tell you my vacation weight gain total - it was 5 lbs exactly. Ugh!! That was actually better than I thought and I know that right after I got back, it spiked up much more than that, so I can live with 5.

My theory is - you have to deal with it and log in that gain. If you don't, you'll keep trying to get back to your original number before going back to WW, which will take too long and get discouraging which will cause you to quit. So now that I have the gain, I can start losing it! So if I lose a pound next week - it will show as a loss, not as a- well you still gained 4 lbs. See? We won't dwell on that fact that I already lost that weight once before! :)

So back to weight loss mode again. I won't go and weigh in this Saturday, but will go in the following Saturday. That gives me over a week to get back to being healthy and losing some weight.

How are you doing this summer? Have you had any vacation weight gains and how have you dealt with them? I say, don't beat yourself up about it now - just move forward. You can do it!!

Lisa :)


  1. {Sigh} I've been hiding from my weight gains, too. But today I go weigh. My problem is bouncing back and forth. Up two, down two, up two, down two. It's a vicious cycle. But THIS is my day...I'm leaving right now to get on my "lovely" treadmill, then eat absoultely nothing until late lunch in the hopes that My Lady at the Scale at my Weight Watchers will be kind to me. Oh, and I will weigh BEFORE I eat that late lunch ;) Nothing like pulling out all the stops on the day you have to go weigh :)

  2. Okay so we all gained 5 lbs. I have a reason for that weight...All that water I had to drink in the triple digit heat...I did not go to the bathroom my body must have stored the liquid. Sounds good to me. Cause all the chocolate and food was so good I sure can't blame it on that. Those Chefs Feeling would be hurt! So now the body can shed the water weight I'm home in double digit heat,lol.


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