Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm Down - Now Don't Let Me Gain It Back This Weekend

Since WW is closed tomorrow (for the 4th), I had to go and weigh today. I almost didn't get there this morning because I had all kinds of running around to do and had forgotten my monthly pass! I still made it just before they closed the doors after a morning meeting. Officially down 1 lb.!! Woo Hoo!

That means that I actually lost about 2 lbs this week because when I missed WW last week, I would have logged in a gain of about a pound. That means I lost the pound I gained plus an additional pound. I find it really encouraging to turn it around like that so quickly!

Now I need to try and get through this weekend without ruining it all. I've already had trouble today - wasn't my worst, but I could have made some better choices. I am making side dishes from this very blog for our dinner tomorrow and we're having all kinds of barbecued meat, some of which will be chicken, so that should help. I will need to really stay on track this week and do some Wii Fit (only did it twice last week).

Ack - I just realized that I am leaving on Thursday for my MT trip! Either I will have to weigh in on Wednesday or on Thursday morning on our way out of town. That doesn't give me very many days to "make up" for any extra eating this weekend. I am going to have to be better than I was even planning over the next 2 days.

Any encouragement or tips for me? How are you doing?

Have a wonderful and blessed Independence Day!

Lisa :)


  1. Good to know someone else does the up-down-up dance, but I hope we both break out of it soon! You're about ten years younger than I am, so I'm happy to see you fighting the fight now. Losing weight gets incredibly hard after 50, so hang in, celebrate every victory and keep us posted on your progress!

  2. I've weighed in while on vacation! I know... hard to believe. I just found a location at the place I was going. It was fun to see how other places did a meeting too (I've done it twice). It also kept me focused while having fun!

  3. Hope your weekend went well.

    Have a good trip.


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