Sunday, July 12, 2009

Check Out This Cool WW Widget!

Thanks to Mel at A Box of Chocolates, who shared this great WW widget! It helps you choose a better snack when you are craving something that might really throw you off track!

You can get the code for the snack widget to put on your own blog. I did add a smaller version to my sidebar.

Try it out!

Also - be on the lookout for a great guest post from Mel this week right here on my blog!

Lisa :)


  1. Thanks for the widget:) Good luck on your weight loss - I'm back trying to get better myself. I'll be tracking your progress. Beginning August 5, I will be hosting Crock Pot Wednesdays at I hope you will join us. Perhaps you can even offer up some great tasting. low fat crock pot goodies for all of us. There will be giveaways - we love those:)


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