Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Weigh In - Whew!

Went to my WW meeting this morning. I really wasn't sure if I would have a loss today! But I did - I lost .8 lbs. Yay!! That puts me at a total of 5.4 lbs lost, so now I will allow myself to go buy a few summer clothes (mainly tops). I really need to have a few cute things that fit while I work on the weight loss.

This week was tough - I didn't remember to track my points every day and I definitely was bad all last weekend. Also, we had an unexpected dinner out to a yummy restaurant to take a couple of BIL's out for dinner. But I was as good as I could be - I chose salmon with rice pilaf and steamed veggies. I only ate half the salmon and a third of the rice and a few veggies. Took the rest home and gave it to hubby to take for lunch the next day. But then Thursday night I made a chocolate cake to post on my other blog and homemade focaccia bread for a guest post and of course I had to sample! Then I was really really good yesterday to make up for it!

I plan to have a better week this week and continue the weight loss. I need to plan out meals for the week and do more Wii Fit this week.

How was your week? What was one thing that went well for you?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lisa :)


  1. I'm afraid to go to my weight in this coming Saturday (the 27th)... I'm going to track really well this week - I've been very laxed lately - but still running, so I don't think it's TOO bad. I'm going to weigh myself Monday and take it from there!

    Great job to you! Have fun getting some new tops! I loved that part of losing weight!

  2. Oh what a timely find of your weight loss blog. I just posted on my blog this past Friday about getting back on Weight Watchers and am tracking my weight on my blog. It's nice to know I'm not alone!

  3. Extremely busy caring for MIL with alzheimers and need help! Thanks for the tips. Keep them coming in my email box!

  4. Oh one good thing...I got a Jack La Lane Juicer and love using it!


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