Monday, March 30, 2009

Fitness Friday, er I Mean Monday

Sorry to neglect this poor little blog all week! And guess who mentioned that fact to me? My Dad! Hi Dad! Didn't know he even read this blog - LOL!

I'm not linking up to the official Fitness Friday since I'm so far past! Will try to do it this week though. My Dad is here to visit so I have been busy!

But you want to know how I did last week, right? Well, I did not do Wii Fit at all! Not good - I must get on track! I didn't track what I ate either, but I tried to manage portions and stay away from the bad stuff most of the time. In spite of all that - I lost 1 lb. for the week!! Yay!! I really want to keep that weight heading in a downward direction. :)

This week will be a challenge with company and a lot of eating out. We'll see what happens!

How was your week? Have a great new week and remember to just start fresh if you had a challenging week!

Lisa :)

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  1. How do you do it with eating out? My sister has been out of the country and is coming home for 2 weeks. I feel like all she wants to do is eat out, I'm scared for my weight!


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