Friday, March 6, 2009

Fitness Friday - Wii Had Fun

It's time for Fitness Friday with Wii Mommies! I'll get the weight news out of the way first - no change from last week. That's not great since last week I gained! As usual, I will keep on working at it. I only did Wii Fit once last week and I was not good about tracking what I ate. I hope to do better this week. I should be motivated by my hubby - he has been consistently going to the gym 3 times a week for the last 3 weeks or so and has lost weight!

The Wii Olympics were last Saturday at Wii Mommies. I didn't post any of my scores, but I attempted everything that I had unlocked. We decided to make it a family event. My hubby, son and I all did the 5 events (modifying the ones we didn't all have unlocked). We added up our total scores and the winner was to choose a treat for the family. My son won by 4 pts overall! Hubby was second and I was last. Guess I have some work to do. We had so much fun being in competition with each other!

We decided that we will hold our own family Wii Olympics once a month. We will all need to do some training in between. We will list out several different events that we would like to compete in and randomly draw 5 of the events each month. We will each get 3 tries at each event, with our best score recorded. We'll decide what the winner gets each month. Doesn't that sound like fun?

How was your week? Did you participate in the Wii Olympics? Have you found a way to get the whole family involved in using Wii Fit?

Have a wonderful weekend! And remember to check out Mel's Five Point Friday for some healthy meal ideas to try out!

Lisa :)


  1. I was a spectator at the Olympics last week... ;) I didn't get a chance to use my WiiFit this week, but next week is a new week, and since I didn't gain I have high hopes for next week! ;)

  2. That's a great idea to do the Wii Olympics with your family every month! We'll have to implement that in our family as well. Thanks for the idea!


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