Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fitness Friday - Any Amount Of Weight Loss Is Good In My World

Sssshhhh - pretend that it is not Saturday yet, just an extended version of Friday - LOL!

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Not a great week. I started out the week sick along with hubby and that never turns out well for me in the weight department. I also didn't feel up to exercising at the beginning of the week except for a session of Wii bowling with the family. I don't think that really counts as exercise though it burns more calories than watching TV!

I did manage to lose .5 lb!! Yay - any loss is better than a gain!! I didn't really keep track of what I ate, but tried not to go overboard. I did drink a little water, but not near enough. And I did manage to get 1 Wii Fit session in and added a couple of strength training moves.

On to another week. I hope to do better and lose more than that this week! I want to get more organized and write everything down that I need to do. I need to get better at scheduling my time. Hopefully that will help!

How was your week? Have a healthy, fit new week! If you're struggling, hang in there - do NOT give up! You can do it!

Lisa :)

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  1. Good job on working your way towards a healthy body. nowadays, alot of people are so into work outs. because of the risks of having bad control of eating and lifestyle, not to mention lack of discipline.

    Im sure you'll do better....


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