Friday, April 3, 2009

Fitness Friday - I'm Blaming My Dad For My Weight Gain

Well if you have company come and visit, don't they take responsibility for your weight gain? Right Dad? I suppose if I blame Dad for my gain, he'll blame me for his - LOL!

If I am not already well in control of my healthy eating/weight management, it doesn't take much to really throw me off. We ate out a lot and I didn't make the best food choices. And we bought a lot of candy/snacks - I inherited a strong sweet tooth!

So are you ready for my total gain for the week? It's 1 lb. And yes, I am actually happy! Why? Because a couple of days ago, I really thought the gain would be closer to 3 lbs - yikes! Maybe the activity from the week saved me. I didn't do any Wii Fit this week. But I started out the week with some marathon cleaning/redecorating (the story is here if you're interested) and then we did a lot of walking around with my Dad. We even went and toured a Cavern with LOTS of steps down into it - realized just how many there were coming back up. The guide told us it was our thighmaster/step workout for the day!

So I must get back on track this week! It should be OK 'cause we are still on Spring Break and now hubby is on vacation. We will be working on lots of projects, keeping busy. And I should be able to fit in some Wii Fit sessions this week. It would be so nice to lose more than a pound so I'd get rid of the gain plus more.

How was your week? Any fitness or healthy tips to help me out this week? I know we can have a good week - let's do it!! :)

Go to Wii Fit Mommies and get some Fitness Friday inspiration!

Lisa :)


  1. Lisa,I am so glad to see your Fitness Friday post. I was starting to think everyone had left this link.
    Visiting and visitors do make it hard! but it is a good excuse to eat chocolate....Let drop that extra lb together.

  2. This is so great. I'll have to read through in the am. Nice to support each other in bloggy world.



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