Saturday, August 30, 2008

7 Steps Update

Are you trying to follow the 7 steps with me? How are you doing?

I am limping along, still working on it. Here's how the week went so far:

Monday: 2 fruits - check

Tuesday: 2 fruits - check
Write goals - did the next day

Wednesday: 2 fruits - check
6 glasses water - drank 5 (amazing for me!!)

Thursday: 2 fruits - check
6 glasses water - drank 5
exercise 20-30 min. - exercise video for 20 min.

Friday: 2 fruits - only 1
6 glasses water - drank 4
exercise 20-30 min. - walked 15-20 min.
eliminate bad foods - didn't do, though mostly did a few days ago
(was gone all day so this was a tough day)

That's where I'm at. I will finish out the weekend and I will check my weight on Monday just to see if anything happened. I plan to continue this next week before doing any other program.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Lisa :)

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