Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Blog Break

I mentioned on my main blog that I'll be taking a Summer blog break.  It does mean that I'll be taking a blog break here too.  On my other blog I plan to be gone until September.  I don't plan that long of a break on this blog as I use this one for a different purpose.  I think I'll be gone for about a month here.

As I come across great healthy recipes - I do like to share them.  And I am still really working on weight loss goals through exercising and eating right.  That means I need to post here to help keep me accountable!  (By the way, though I lost 2 lbs the previous week, I gained 1 lb back last week.)

I have a Summer trip coming up soon and really want to lose weight on my trip this year instead of the usual gain!  I will be taking along healthy recipes (we stay with my Dad which means that I can cook there) and my 30 day Shred DVD (now THAT should give my Dad a good laugh!).  I will also try to do as much walking as possible during this trip.

Thanks for being here with me as I try (and try and try again) to be more healthy!  Do you have some healthy goals for the Summer?

Have a healthy June/July!
Lisa  :)

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  1. Are you sure that it will make me loose weight? it looks soooooooo delicious!
    love your blog,really do!


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