Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Same = Good In December

I finally made it to Weight Watchers to weigh in today!  The last time I was there was right before Thanksgiving.  Had intended to go before now, but missed due to illness, busyness, etc.  My weight was EXACTLY the same!

That is actually a very good thing this time of year!  That means I don't have a weight gain after all the Thanksgiving food, sampling of homemade Christmas goodies, party food, etc!  Now I just need to stay strong for the rest of the month!

If I'm not trying to be healthy, I usually gain at least 5 pounds from Thanksgiving to January.  So to have no gain right now is excellent!

How are you doing?  How about trying to do just one good thing each day - like some exercise, drinking some water, not taking a second helping of something, refusing a cookie?  That's it - just one thing each day until we get to January.  I think we can at least do that!

I will be joining up with a food blogger for a 10-week program with other bloggers to try and lose weight.  It will start in January.  I'll give you more info on that when we get closer and maybe you can join up with me!

Hope you are enjoying your week!

Lisa  :)

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  1. Congrats!

    I, too, am staying the same, which is such a good thing! But I'm also enjoying the holiday with all its goodies and busyness (which seem to level each other out. LOL!).

    Merry Christmas to you!


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