Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Are You Surviving December So Far?

Wow - can't believe it's been so long since I posted!  Thanksgiving kept me very busy and then my family was sick last week.  With all that, I have not begun to get ready for Christmas!  How about you?

As far as weight loss efforts go, I haven't been to a WW meeting in a couple weeks.  My weight was definitely up after Thanksgiving.  It was down after being sick, but I'm not sure now.  I plan to go to a meeting and weigh in this Saturday.  I had really hoped to lose some weight during December, but that isn't seeming very realistic.  At this point - I think I'll just try to maintain.  That would be good too!  When I am not focusing on weight loss/healthy eating at all, I typically gain at least 5 pounds from Thanksgiving to January.  So my goal shall be to keep that from happening this year!

How are you doing this month?  Have you made plans to survive all the holiday treats and dinners?  You can even go with small goals, like drinking more water and getting some activity each day.

I'd love to hear what successes or struggles you're having this month!  We can make it through!

Lisa  :)


  1. Oh Lisa, I have so fallen off the wagon. My biggest problem is that I can't find time to work out. I like to do that in the morning, but because I can't run outside.... too dark and so cold... I've been using Wii Actice but I can't seem to get motivated to do it regularly. It's not always easy...

  2. Sigh

    No, things are not going well. My love of cookies has reawakened. Sigh

    I'm still working out, but no amount of working out can burn these cookie calories. Time to stop.

    Meh, who am I kidding?!


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