Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Teensy Loss Is Still A Loss

I did make it to my Weight Watcher's meeting this past weekend!  I knew my weight was oh so close - and I did lose weight!  OK - you're gonna laugh because I just lost .2 lb!  But hey - it's a loss anyway!  Anything heading in the right direction is what I need right now.

I actually have been using a tracker the last couple of days - writing down what I eat and counting points.  If I keep it up this week, I'll have to lose something.  The only thing that could ruin it is Friday night.  We have a fundraising function to go to that's featuring desserts (including mine) and specialty coffee drinks.  I'm trying to decide how to handle this since I normally weigh in on Saturday morning.  I could weigh in Friday morning instead or I could have a snack instead of dinner and have a little dessert and try to get a nonfat coffee drink Friday night.  Or I could try not to have any desserts and just enjoy a fancy coffee drink.  Still thinking on that one.  They key is to plan ahead for something like that - decide what to do and how you'll handle the sitation before going.

How have you been doing?  Do you have functions coming up that might derail your weight loss efforts?  How will you handle it?

Have a wonderful week!

Lisa  :)


  1. Yeah! Keep truckin', Girl!

    I just started Dr. Rita Hancock's Eden Diet---which isn't really a diet. There are no restrictions. The premise is to only eat when you're hungry. It also addresses the emotional side of eating, which I needed.

    In addition, I got two workout DVDs yesterday and plan on adding that to my walking routine.

    I am dreading the holidays just a little bit---afraid I might lose all control over the chocolate cream pie...

  2. A loss is most definitely a loss! I went back to counting last week and my first week lost a pound although I counted a heck of a lot of points. I was way over!! This year is looking somewhat better, but yesterday was a horrible day which took away all by 5 weekly allowance points. Hoping to keep it together for the next few days before weigh in Sat. I like how you are planning ahead for your dessert night on Friday. That is where I struggle! It sounds like you have some good ideas. You can do it!!

  3. Congrats on the loss! Seeing the scale head in the right direction can be so motivating.

    Weighing on Saturday could help keep you on track Friday night, but, to be honest, I would probably weigh in on Friday ;)


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