Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's OK To Maintain

I did weigh in at WW this weekend though I wasn't sure I had lost weight.  I did *not* lose any weight.  But I didn't gain any weight either.  I was disappointed as I thought I did pretty good for the week.  But it's also good to remember that not gaining is a good thing.

This time of the year, just maintaining your weight is a great thing to do.  What would happen if you weren't attempting to be healthier/lose weight?  You would most likely gain quite a lot of weight from now through January.  If you just maintain your weight through the holidays without gaining, then you have done an excellent thing!  You have avoided the normal holiday gain and have less to lose later on!

I'm trying to stay on track as much as possible this week except for Thanksgiving Day.  We'll see where that puts me by next weekend.  But I plan to get back on track after Thanksgiving (and a few leftovers).  What are your plans for Thanksgiving or for getting through the holidays?

Have a wonderful week!
Lisa  :)


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