Friday, October 9, 2009

Fitness Friday: Lovin' The Wii Fit Plus

I know it's been a while, but I actually have something to post about fitness! Stop over at Wii Fit Mommies to read more fitness posts!

I hadn't even realized that Wii Fit Plus was coming out. Last month, my 10 yr.-old son (who loves Wii Fit) was searching Amazon for things to buy with a birthday gift card. He happened across a preview of Wii Fit Plus which would release on 10/4. He loved all the fun new games they were showing (flying around in a chicken suit, riding a Segway, skateboarding and more), so he decided to pre-order it.

I am so glad that he bought it - LOL!! It has everything that Wii Fit had, but lots more fun games added in. Also, it now tells you how many calories you have burned. Sometimes I like knowing that and sometimes it depresses me that it's so low!

My favorite part though is that you can use preset routines to accomplish your goals or set up your very own customized routine to save and do again and again. Want to trim your hips? There's a routine for that. Improve your posture? There's a routine for that too. What I like about these routines is that they "force" me to add in more of the yoga and strength moves.

Some other features are that you can challenge another player and that you can quickly switch from one Mii to another. I also think that some of the new games are really entertaining. My faves right now are Rhythm Kung Fu and the hip-bumping game (can't remember the name!). My son's fave is the obstacle course.

Overall, we really like the Wii Fit Plus and the new routines are enough to make me get the board back out and start working out again!

Have you exercised this week? Have you made a workout plan for next week? Remember, it's better to start with small attainable goals (hello - talking to self here!).

Have a great weekend!!

Lisa :)


  1. I have found it is what I need to get myself going again too! Loving it!

  2. I just got this one. Haven't started it yet. This week I will.

  3. Brand spankin' new to reading your blogs... just hopped over from Homesteaders... I totally want this... and a Kindle... hard to decide which I want more.

    I love the workout DVDs from Jillian (from Biggest loser) - come and check out my blog... it's not focused on weight loss... though I am on spark people...


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