Saturday, September 12, 2009

No Weigh-In Report

Sorry I have missed posting for a few days! I have no current weight report for you. I wasn't able to weigh in last weekend due to being out-of-town and I confess that I did not go weigh in this morning because my weight is up from the last time I weighed! We ate too much while visiting relatives last weekend - no surprise there. My weight has come down during the week, but not enough yet. I will work hard this week and see what I can do by Saturday. I get so tired of the constant up and down. Why can't it be down all the time? :)

I will keep close track of my points this week and do some Wii Fit. And I will go to WW next Saturday and weigh in no matter what, even if I'm still up (I better not be - LOL!).

How have you been doing? Did you have any Labor Day pinics or visiting that threw you off track? Let's make this the week of success! We can do it!!

Lisa :)


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