Friday, December 5, 2008

Fat Ticker Friday - Week 13 - The End

I actually lost .5 lb this week! Woo Hoo! I haven't even lost anything in a while, so that is nice.

After 13 weeks of Hot for the Holidays, my grand total weight loss is 2.5 lbs. That's nowhere near what I wanted to lose. But - I didn't gain any weight for 13 weeks! That is something for me, it seems.

I will not be ending the weight-loss journey. Hubby and I had wanted to cut out carbs starting this week, but didn't get all the necessary groceries and we have a couple of things to attend this weekend with food. So, starting on Monday, we will do the no-carb thing for 2 weeks (I'm not crazy enough to do it right through Christmas!). Then we will limp along through the holidays. I am hoping that I will lose some weight over the 2 weeks and then maintain until January. Then we will either have limited carbs or do another week of no-carbs to recover from Christmas. That's the plan anyway!

I'll still weigh myself on Fridays and will check in here. Hopefully next Friday I will have a loss to report to you!

How are you doing? Are you surviving with all of the holiday food temptations?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lisa :)

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  1. hey that's ok!! you've done great!!!!! congrats to you! and congrats that you're also one of the prize winners, email me your snail mail at christieo_7 at msn dot com! Congratulations!!!!


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