Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, I had my weigh-in after 1 week. You've figured out by the title that the news is good! I am down...yes, down, for once...3.4 pounds!! Don't be thinking that I'll lose that much every week. It's typical on WW to lose a lot the first week, then slow down. The nice thing is that I didn't feel restricted. Included in my week of weight loss were: In & Out burger & fries, blended coffee drinks, chocolate, and some homemade sugar cookies. Um...I'm not recommending these as part of a healthy diet, but occasional (or more often!) treats are a part of my life.

I know that weight loss isn't the most important part, but that's the part that motivates me. I can't feel my possibility of future type 2 diabetes decreasing, but I can feel my clothes getting looser. And I did notice that I felt just a hair less uncomfortable after that loss! :)

I am very happy and that gives me a boost to keep going. I have to say that this blog has been key. Part way through the week, I wasn't tracking my food yet - since I had written out my weekly goals on here, I forced myself to do them - how could I fail the general public?!

I did actually eat some fresh fruit and drink more water this week (both are not my natural food/drink choices). And I didn't exercise, but did succeed in making some less lazy choices!

So, on to week 2!

Have you had any healthy successes this week?

Lisa :)


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