Wednesday, April 7, 2010

4 to 40 ~ Week 3

Only 1 week left until I'm 40!  Wow!  Though I met some of my goals last week, the scale did not reflect it.  :(  It really wasn't pretty.  I didn't have time to go to WW and weigh in there as we went out-of-town on Friday morning, but I put on my usual outfit and weighed myself (my scale is fairly close to what WW scale says) that morning (normally I weigh on Saturday) and I GAINED!  In fact, I gained a whole 2.8 lbs as near as I could tell - which completely wiped out 2 weeks of losing.  That is the sort of thing that really frustrates me, but all I can do is not let it discourage me and keep moving forward!

Here's how my week went:

1.  Lose 5 lbs. - Gained 2.8 lbs this week; making a total of .2 lb gain so far.  Grrrr.
2.  Exercise 4x/week for 30+ min.  - 4x!: 30 min. workout DVD (twice), 30 min. Wii Fit, 45 min. Wii Fit
3.  Drink 4 (12 oz) glasses water/day. - Did 4/day about twice.
4.  Go to bed @ 11:30pm on weekdays. - Made it twice!!
5.  Make 2 breakfast & 2 lunch recipes/week. - 1 breakfast recipe - the Blueberry-Corn Muffins and 2 lunch recipes: Bow Ties, Tuna & Veggies in Balsamic Vinaigrette and Asian Chicken Slaw.

I wasn't feeling well at the beginning of this week, but am OK now and trying to get back on track!  How was your week?  How was Easter?  Did you resist all the Easter candy?  I have to say - I've stayed away from the stores because I have a hard time resisting clearance-priced candy!

Let's have a great week!  We can do it!!

Have a healthy day!
Lisa  :)


  1. If it makes you feel better, I gained about 7lbs over Spring Break.... oops!!!!!!

    Happy almost birthday :o) (just in case I miss it!)

  2. Wow...I don't know how some stay up so late! I'm usually in bed by 10pm...I know LOSER! Love the blog:)

  3. Oh I know that's frustrating my friend but hang in there. Consider it muscle gain and that weighs more than fat.
    You would have been proud of me. My neighbor brought over a package of peanut butter eggs and I didn't eat one! How's that for will power? LOL
    Love ya.

  4. "...but I put on my usual outfit and weighed..." I got so tickled at that statement, because when I was actually going to WW, I so very carefully picked out what I wore for weigh-in and often it was the same, "usual" outfit :) Now, I'm just doing WW Online.

    Easter about did me in. No, I did not resist the candy, and I can tell you that a Peep is 1 Point! I prefer the bunny peeps ;)

    I'm trying to have a great week this week. And yes, we can do it! :)


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