Sunday, March 20, 2011

WLW ~ A Better Week

It's Weight Loss Wednesday again (I'm super late, but posting anyway) - hosted by my sweet and encouraging friend Alicia from Confessions of a Snowflake!

This was a better week for me as I did some tracking of my food and paid better attention to portions.  I even had a dinner with 16 people in our home and LOTS of good food, but controlled my eating (even had dessert).  I only got in 2 Zumba sessions during the week, but I think all the cleaning/cooking for the dinner burned a few calories too!

I lost 1.5 lbs for the week!!  Woo Hoo, but that's only a net 1 lb loss for 3 weeks.  I am always happy to be down at all, but it's the ridiculously slow pace that does me in.  We'll see how this next week ends up.  I've already been exercising more, but the scale is just not moving.  I do feel better when I exercise more though!

How did your week go?  Keep it up!  It gets hard, but the end result (being healthy and feeling better) will be worth it - no matter how long it takes us to get there!  :)

Link up your own weight loss posts for Weight Loss Wednesday at Confessions of a Snowflake!

Have a healthy day!
Lisa  :)


  1. So glad you linked up. Congrats on your loss. All of the hard work really does pay off.

  2. Hey, weight loss is weight loss! The more you work out the more muscle you will gain and you will burn fat faster, so keep it up!!!
    Missing you! I need a phone call conversation.


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